Bristol’s Boxer Day!

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Bristol’s Boxer Day!
When: Friday, February 10th
Time: All Day

Bristol started coming to Happy Hounds in September 2014. She has been a famaliar and friendly face to Happy Hounds and one of the toughest Boxer’s I’ve met. About a year ago they found out that she had cancer in her Lymph Nodes. That’s when they started her first round of Chemo… for 20 weeks, Bristol would go 4 weeks on and 1 week off until she came out of remission half way thorugh. So they tried something else, a different type of chemo but after 3 weeks she again, came out of remission when her body stopped responding to the chemo-therapy. Now she see’s a specialist in Dallas and started LSPAR injections in December, with hopes that this will work and give her the healthy life she deserves.

All the profits and donations from Boxer Day will go to Bristol’s Family, to help pay for her LSPAR injections and/or vet expenses. We all know how expensive they can get. And, if you’re like me, you would do ANYTHING for your dog, which is exactly what Bristol’s Humans are doing for her. Please keep Bristol in your thoughts and prayers.

Bristol turns 6 this year and I plan on throwing her the best birthday pawty she has ever had.

We Ruff You Bristol!

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