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Daycare Friday: A lot of you have been calling and asking, wanting to bring your Dog for the first time on Friday for the 15$ Daycare, and that’s awesome but I would advise against it. There will be so many dogs (that have been coming for months and years) that are used to Happy Hounds. They get it and know what it is. But, for the new dogs that have never been, it’s way too much for them on their 1st day.

Example, we have a sweet little Aussie who came for the first time the last 20$ Daycare day and all day she hid under the play equipment, was shy and you could tell she just didn’t want to be here… and I felt bad because I wanted her to have a good time and enjoy herself but you could tell she was thinkin “what in the world is going on here?!” So her Mom called and was worried about her because in the pictures you could tell she being super shy and submissive. I told her that it was probably too much for her on her first day. Thankfully she understood and has since come back a couple times. She’s a totally different dog, playful, interactive, went swimming, it’s been great and we are so happy for her.

Now I’m not saying you can’t come, you’re more than welcome to but just remember: for a dog who has never been here, especially one that you got from a shelter, with that many dogs they could easily freak out and think you’re returning them. I always tell people it usually takes a couple times for them to realize what’s going on, that this is a fun, safe place for them to come hang out for a little while and that they’re going back home at the end of the day! Just something to think about…

As always, I appreciate every single one of you and I truly care about your pups!

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