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Knox, the sweetest most playful puppy. He’s 1 yr old. He’ll turn 2 October 15. This pup is my world and has been an emotional support animal for me. I’m very attached and have a great bond with him but unfortunately with my lifestyle I work and go to school full time, I have to rehome him. He needs a great loving home where he can play and run all the time. He love’s other dogs and is great in public. He’s spoiled rotten and loves car rides. He’ll stick his head out the window because he loves the wind blowing on him. This boy is my baby and it’s very difficult fo me to rehome him. It’ll be a plus if you have a yard (keep an eye because he will find a way to escape) and if you have other dogs so he can call brother/sister to play. Indoor dog only. If you love huskies, their energy, their loyalty, and shedding. He is perfect. Please contact me if you’re interested and are willing to provide him the best life he can possibly live.

I can vouch for this dog. He was one of my favorites. Please send Brooks an Email if interested @

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