Pup Rates

Day Care – All size dogs- $27.00 *2nd Dog 10% Off

Day – Half Day (4 hours or less) 22$ 5 Day Pass- $125.00 10 Day Pass- $260.00 30 Day Pass- $710$

Hours – Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM Saturday 9am-11:00am pick-up/drop off only Sunday 4pm-5pm pick-up/drop off only

Overnight Boarding – Medium Suite: $40.00/Night – Large Suite: $42.00/Night

X-Large Suite: 44$/Night – Private Suite: $50.00/Night

*2nd dog will be discounted $3.00. If you pick up after 1pm during the week, a Half Day Daycare charge, 22$ will be added.

Doggy Day Out – $27.00/Day 5 Day pass- $125.00 10 Day pass- $260.00

*you may choose to have your dog attend our doggy day out program. The prices are the same as  day care but instead of being with a group of dogs, he/she will be kept separated if you choose to do so.